Afro-Cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums: Funkifying The Clave

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 A guide to Applying afro-cuban grooves to funk, rock and jazz, for bass and drums. CLAVE and TUMBAO. Traditional bass tumbao examples Cascara, paila, and bell ride patterns. # SONGO. Drumset orchestrations Funfified slap songo tumbaos Songo style jam. # GUAGUANCO. Conga patterns on the drumset combining traditional and hybrid bass lines with rumba and funk. # AFRO-CUBAN 6/8 6/8 patterns as a vehicle for other rhythmic possibilities and diferent time feels # CHA-CHA-CHA. Adaptability to rock Spap cha-cha-cha playing a backbeat. # MOZAMBIQUE. Mozambique in rock and funk context. Lincoln Goines is one of New York´s most respected and recorded bassists. His concept of the bass as a rhythm instrument, and his ability to incorporate traditional Latin lines with ideas drawn from percussion patterns, can be heard on recordings with well known Latin-jazz artists Dave Valenting, Michel Camilo, Gato Barbieri, Paquito D´Rivera, Tania Maria, and Eliane Elias. Lincoln is also known for his contemporary jazz-funk playing with John Scofiel, Mike Stern, and Bob Berg. Bobby Ameen has made a life study of Afro-Cuban rhythms and combines this knowledge with his own powerful drumming style to create a highly original funk/Afro-Cuban amalgam. Robby´s ability to complement a Latin rhythm section can be heard on recordings with Ruben Blades, Dave Valentin, Dizzy Gillespie, Kip Hanrahan, and Eddie Palmieri, among many others. Robby has also worked with Paquito D´Rivera, Gato Barbieri, Willie Colon, and Paul Simon. Includes separate pull-out in Spanish.