PageFlip Dragonfly Bluetooth/USB-pedal

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The PageFlip Dragonfly is a premium Bluetooth/USB four-pedal controller that can be used with select iOS/Android apps to instantly trigger up to four operations, including page turning, navigation among setlist songs, volume control, and play/pause multimedia content. The PageFlip Dragonfly is the most advanced quad pedal music page turner on the market. It features:

  • compact 4-pedal design with standard dual pedal footprint
  • four illuminated pedals for use in dim locations
  • five programmable pedal modes for a completely personal experience
  • 30-minute inactivity period before entering sleep mode
  • wireless (Bluetooth) or wired (USB) connectivity options
  • completely silent pedal action
  • sturdy, hefty design for durability
  • operates for about a year using two AA batteries (or AC adapter)

Download free Windows/Mac software to reprogram the pedal modes.

Inspired by the layout of black and white keys on a piano, the PageFlip Dragonfly Bluetooth page turner features a revolutionary design with two smaller pedals set back atop two larger pedals. Tap the larger pedals to trigger the more common tasks. Stomp on the smaller pedals to initiate secondary tasks. The PageFlip Dragonfly works with iPads and Android tablets under any app that understands keyboard commands. The pedal emits a keypress when users tap, so any app that responds to a Bluetooth keyboard will also work with the PageFlip Dragonfly foot pedal. A list of compatible iPad and Android apps can be found here.