Gruv Gear Solostrap 2 (Black)

Ny versjon Gruv Gear Solostrap, nå i ekte lær

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The SoloStrap 2 is our top-of-the-line genuine leather strap designed for the most discerning guitarists and bassists. Using only the finest of hides from Europe, Canada, and South America, the SoloStrap 2 is meticulously hand-crafted to create a blend of form and function that begs to be worn and shown off. The resilient contour padding wrapped with a beautiful vegetable-tanned leather top and an anti-slip suede bottom creates a lasting personal fit, with soft-rolled padded sides where it matters, and topped handsomely with our distinct stamped cover and new quick-adjust prong system that needs no tools. The SoloStrap 2 also features convenient guitar pick slots behind the front tip for easy access during a performance.

Choose from our most popular black or chocolate brown, with lengths adjustable from 36" to 45" and an extra-long option that brings the total usable length to 57". Padded area is 3" wide for excellent weight distribution and superior comfort.