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Sing or Scream!

The EBS ValveDrive DI tube preamp/overdrive pedal can make your bass either glow or growl, whether you want your instrument to sing or scream. The EBS Valve Drive DI delivers everything, from classic tube warmth to hard and pure tube distortion. It is a classic concept with an easy dial-in design.

Use as a preamp

With the pedals Gain at a modest setting, and the Volume cranked up, the ValveDrive will turn your solid-state amp into a nice warm tube amp. It will turn any dry solid-state tone into a full-bodied, warm, and beefy tone with a nice presence of tube compression.

Use as a distortion/overdrive

Simply turn up the Gain more and the Valve Drive DI creates a nice overdrive/distortion. Switch between Vintage or Normal character, and use the knobs to dial in your sound. Remember that the 'flat' setting on the Valve Drive is when Bass and Treble is turned all the way down, and Mid at the max position.

New outputs for extended use

The main new benefit with the EBS ValveDrive DI is the XLR-output, offering a balanced floating signal that allows you to plug the pedal straight into the mixing console in the studio or at the gig. Add to that, the former standard passive output has turned into a low-impedance output so you can use the ValveDrive DI as a stand-alone preamp with an external power amp to give you the pure ValveDrive tone right out of your speakers.

New powering technique

There are plenty of pedals with a tube in it, but few deliver the warm fat tone of a tube amp. The original EBS ValveDrive was powered by a 12V AC power supply converted to high voltage inside to give the tube the push it needs to deliver real tube distortion. EBS has developed the ValveDrive DI to do the same using a 9V DC power supply. The benefit is a pedal much more compatible with standard power supplies.

The tube

The EBS ValveDrive DI is equipped with a superior quality tube of the ECC83 (12AX7) type. If you want less gain, switch to a low-gain ECC81 type of tube.

Included accessories.

The EBS ValveDrive DI comes with a 9V DC power included.