La Bella 767-6F Stainless Steel Flat Wound (Bass VI)

Flatwound-set til Fender Bass VI

NOK889,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 7 stk.


  • 30″ Scale / 35.5″ String Wound Length (Distance from Ball-end to Silk)
  • Tuning EADGBE
  • String Gauges: .026, .035, .044, .056, .075, .095
  • Stainless Steel Flat Wound

Disclamer fra La Bella: P.S. Our flat wound bass strings will break if you wrap the metal portion of the string around the post, and if you string it through the body (assuming it’s not a “through-body” or Low Tension Flat bass string) LaBella bass vi flats