Gold Tone La Bella Flat Wound Microbass Strings

Flatwound-strenger til Gold Tone ME-Bass eller fretless M-bass

NOK439,00 inkl. mva.


OBS: Kun beregnet for de nevnte Gold Tone-variantene, ME-Bass (Micro-Electric) eller Fretless M-bass (Microbass)

These La Bella Flat Wound Strings are designed for use with the Micro-Bass line. They provide a tone closer to that of a traditional electric bass while still keeping the M-Bass´ signature portability and ease of playing. NOTE: Can be used on ME-Bass or fretless M-Bass (cannot be used on fretted M-Bass).

  • Tape wound metal, most like regular bass strings.
  • String Gauges: .048, .068, .088, .108

Disclamer fra La Bella: P.S. Our flat wound bass strings will break if you wrap the metal portion of the string around the post, and if you string it through the body (assuming it’s not a “through-body” or Low Tension Flat bass string) LaBella