LaBella 7720 Medium

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The 7720 strings have been around for quite a while. Although LaBella markets them as orchestral strings, they're actually quite useful for modern jazz, where a deep fundamental, bright tone, and "growl" is something players often gravitate towards.

Because they use the rope-core design (standed steel core, wound in a rope-like pattern) they have more flexibility and are a bit "lighter" feeling, even at the same tension/weight as a different string design. So, if you are looking for a lighter feeling string that has some of the character of, say, Thomastik Spirocores (kind of a benchmark string for big, detailed sound and growl) this might be an interesting alternative - and a considerably more affordable one, as well.

They have the kind of brightness that can balance out a dark-sounding bass, so for an orchestral player, that might bring some more detail to your bowed sound. They aren't quite as bow-friendly as some of the specific "arco" strings, but they are certainly fine under the bow.