ExplorAudio H-Clamp Light Plus

H-Clamp til montering av kondensator-mikrofoner på større kontrabasser

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LiveBass Plus - Adjusts 195-258mm, also 84-144mm and 308-338mm with included shafts
This model is aimed specifically at double-bass players who may want to play oversize basses but has the added attraction of also fitting smaller instruments, so may be suitable for use by studios or sound crews rather than individual musicians. Three shafts are supplied, which may be used singly or in combination, to fit instruments from standard guitars to 'beyond any bass known to exist'.

The clamp consists of two discs, with embedded nitrile rings to cushion and protect, which are drawn together by a thumbscrew to acquire an extremely tenacious grip on the edge of the instrument, where it is strongest. The boom has a standard 3/8 inch thread for attaching clips or shock mounts, not included, to suit the chosen microphone or other device.

LiveBass H-clamp PLUS package for standard and oversize double basses:
consists of two LiveCello and one LiveGuitar shaft
suitable for double basses of any rib depth between 198mm and 258mm
can also be used with cellos (using single LiveCello shaft) and guitars (using single LiveGuitar shaft)

The arm which holds the microphone clip is 200mm long, and is normally long enough to reach the position in the centre of the bridge when the microphone clip is attached (see photos of mounted microphone).