ExplorAudio H-Clamp Light

H-Clamp til montering av kondensator-mikrofoner på kontrabass

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Quick and easy to fit and adjust - works with vast majority of microphones - lightweight but extremely strong construction

ExplorAudio LiveStrings microphone clamps are designed to suspend a microphone from an instrument in the optimum position to capture the best possible sound. Based on traditional luthier's clamps that are still used in double bass and stringed instrument making to this day, the H-clamp grips the edge of the body of an acoustic instrument tightly without risk of damage. All contact points are fitted either with rubber pads or silicon sleeves to prevent scratches on the surface of the instrument.

From a sound perspective, the edge of the instrument is the place where attachment has the least effect on the resonances of the sound box's panels. The H-clamp can therefore be tightened very securely and yet have no discernible impact on the sound of the instrument.

LiveStrings microphone mounts are quick and easy to fit and adjust, accepting virtually any microphone in a wide range of positions. Due to their construction using materials developed by aerospace engineers, all models are extremely light without compromising their strength.

The clamps are delivered in an appealing box which includes extensive mounting instructions as well as various accessories and spare parts, such as velcro straps and silicone sleeves.

LiveBass H-clamp Light model for standard basses:
consists of one LiveCello and one LiveGuitar shaft
suitable for basses with a rib depth between 198mm and 228mm
weight: 158 grams