Shadow SH 965 NFX

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The Shadow SH 965 NFX-B is a professional double bass pickup that provides absolute natural sound with zero hum. The pickup is based on the revolutionary Nanoflex-technology, that makes no compromise in preserving these features. It´s built to reproduce the vibrations of your bass authentically with every move of the bow in all positions. No instrument modification was a must in developing this pickup system. For centuries bass makers worldwide selected the best woods to make, create and build the upright bass as it sounds today. Many hours of trimming the top and the bridge are invested to create the ultimate bass sound. Nanoflex pickups not only take the vibrations of the strings like common undersaddle pickups. Nanoflex senses the vibrations of the strings and the body of the instrument simultaneously. Due to active amplification directly at the pickup and 100% shielding of the entire system, no sound will be lost and no hum created. Shadow SH 965 NFX-B Nanoflex Pickup with Preamp for Upright Bass Features: * Reproduces the instrument vibrations authentically * 100% hum and noise free * Super sensitive Nanoflex pickup * Volume and tone control * 1/4" output socket * 3V cell battery * Very low power consumption