Upton Bass - The Revolution SOLO II

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The Revolution Solo Double Bass Pickup built by Upton Bass. Enjoy the natural acoustic sound of your double bass amplified with total clarity with the Rev Solo!

The Revolution SOLO Double Bass Pickup is organically constructed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your bass. Each of our Revolution Solo (or “Rev Solo” as they’re called around the workshop) Double Bass Pickups are handmade with European Spruce in our Upton Bass workshop. We’ve designed the Revolution Solo to be a transparent pickup – sounding like the bass it’s installed on. The Rev Solo Double Bass Pickup does not presuppose that a player’s primary need in a pickup is a “big bass” tone. Instead, the Revolution Solo Bass Pickup allows for consistent mid and high ranges as well as a clear, booming low-end sound.

The Revolution Solo Double Bass Pickup is not constructed of heavy, sound-deadening materials such as metal, rubber, or epoxy found in nearly all other bass pickups.  Its simple patented design provides clarity and accuracy from the tonal center of your bass.  The natural composition and location of the pickup will not change the acoustic sound of your instrument, nor will it interfere with your bass setup or deaden the bridge’s response with the strings and top.