Headway EDB 2 H.E.

To-kanals preamp til kontrabass og akustiske instrumenter

NOK4 099,00 inkl. mva.


New Equaliser Direct Blender – 2 Channel Harmonic Enhancer for 2020.
Acoustic Pre-Amplifier, EQ’s, D.I, Anti-Feedback, Blender, & Harmonic Enhancer – For Pickups & Microphones via Battery or D.C Powering
EDB-2 H.E  with Customer led Expanded Features, now Dual Instrument Accessible:
Featuring: H.E.A.T
Harmonic Enhanced Analogue Technology
with Tuneable added High Harmonics
Twin Channels with two sets of 5 Band Interactive EQ & two Silent Mutes
48v & 11v Phantom Power To Jack & XLR  -Mono & Stereo Inputs
Improved Class “A” Inputs & top Pro Audio Circuit – Producing a huge 32dB of Low Noise Gain
Send & Return FX Loop
Mono, Stereo or Blended Outputs via Jack & XLR
Tuneable Notch Filter to beat feedback & resonances on either channel
2 Way Phase Reverse & Earth Lift Switches
Range Switches (HPF) for Guitar, Bass or Violin/Mandolin via each channel
Batteries & Power Supply included – suits Europe, North America, Japan etc 240v-100v
3 Mounting Methods
Comprehensive Manual
Sturdier, Lightweight, Super Compact Construction in Aluminium Alloy & Long Life Heavy Feel Controls that stay put. Designed in UK – Made in Europe
“The Swiss Army Knife for the Gigging Acoustic Musician” ( or two)
Headway ~ Hearing Way Ahead
EAN No: 7107718579859