Clef Gut Upright Bass String set

Tarmstrenger fra Clef Cut

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At last, a top quality set of gut strings for the double bass! Clef Musical Manufacturing Corporation, which is now a division of Upton Bass, imports these fantastic double bass gut strings at a great price.

Whether you play bluegrass, rockabilly or baroque music, you owe it to yourself to play on an full set of authentic all gut double bass strings. Or if you´re a jazz player looking for that classic PC (Paul Chambers) tone, these all gut double bass strings are for you!

Gut strings sets for the double bass are unheard of at this price point and "handcrafted" (all gut strings are handcrafted) double bass string sets can cost $400 or more . The mutton serosa (the material lining of the sheep´s intestine used to make gut strings) is too delicate to process by machine and even the twisting has to be done by hand by experienced craftsmen to properly judge the correct tension of the string.

Our gut double bass strings are made by European craftsman using only mutton serosa. Mutton gives a lower tension, softer feel, and warm rich tones within the string. A high twist gives better string sustain (irrelevant, as gut strings are known for having very low sustain) and tuning stability.

Amazing for jazz, classical, rockabilly, and blues, Clef Gut Upright Bass Double Bass Stringsare the only way to achieve thetrue original sound.

String Diameter (in millimeters): E 4.5, A 3.7, D 2.8, G 2.1 
Please note, these dimensions are for uninstalled Clef Gut strings. Strings may thin under tension.  If you are moving from a light gage steel double bass string to larger gage gut string double bass string... modifications to the bridge and nut may be necessary to accommodate the larger string diameter.

Clef Gut Double Bass Strings Clef Gut Double Bass Strings Clef Gut Double Bass Strings